Mont Tremblant Property For Sale

Pointe Solitude property at the edge of
historic Mont Tremblant village. 
(see location logo)

Point Solitude land is flanked by Cap Tremblant -This project won the prestigious DOMUS award for Project of the Year 2001.
Also by  Lac Desmarais development, the most exclusive development in Eastern Canada


Pointe Solitude land at bottom left.

It is the last remaining large prime location undeveloped Mont Tremblant village property. 


Pointe Solitude at Mt. Tremblant village is just 3 miles - (see location logo) to the Number 1 ski resort in Eastern North America, which is also now considered one of the top ten Four Season Resorts in the world!


Pointe Solitude is a natural extension of the village - (see location logo)
and the best views of historic Mont Tremblant village
will be from Pointe Solitude!


From different vantage points the heavily wooded property offers views of Mont Tremblant village - views will be clearer as trees are removed for roads and homes.
This image was taken at ground level, so views will be more expansive
from the upper levels of the new homes.


The mountain top area also offers panoramic views of Mont Tremblant ski trails. 


The mountain top area also offers a panoramic and spectacular views of endless forest, valleys and lakes - adjacent Lac Desmarais, where actors
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones built their estate.

Part of the mountain top is also a deer wildlife corridor. 

Views of Mont Tremblant ski trails and lakes from Pointe Solitude property - views will be clearer as trees are removed for roads and homes. These images were taken at ground level, so views will be more expansive from the upper levels of the new homes. 


Pointe Solitude has approximately 750 feet of municipal road frontage on Chemin Lac Mercier, and on Rue Rousseau.


Lac Mercier and the Municipal Beach
Pointe Solitude borders on the municipal road called Chemin du Lac Mercier, and is only a few minutes walk to the historic Mont-Tremblant village, and its municipal beach.  The Municipal beach is for public use, and all other lake frontage land is privately owned  (see location logo) 


The development of Pointe Solitude at Mont Tremblant village will require an experienced visionary residential property developer, whose architects and designers will take advantage of this unique historic village location.



Land Survey showing Pointe Solitude Property  - Address of two lots:
Chemin Du-Lac-Gelinas - Cadastre No: 2803337
Rue Rousseau - Cadastre No: 2803332

Approx 78 acres ( 3.4 million square feet ) of sloping land with mature trees. 
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Perhaps this Mont Tremblant prime location property for sale can be developed offering prospective buyers French-inspired architecture reminiscent of traditional Quebec, with pitched rooftops, corrugated shingles, and old-fashioned chimneys.

Similiar to the concept above.  - or perhaps an exclusive private estate -
or perhaps a dozen exclusive large estate properties...... 

Or perhaps simply holding this Mont Tremblant prime location land as a longer term smart asset diversification of their investment portfolio.



...........just imagine!




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