St-Jovite has always had a close relationship with Mt -Tremblant, it is also an excellent tourist destination. Since the arrival of the Intrawest Corporation in Mt -Tremblant, St-Jovite has become the main entrance for the most important tourist station in Eastern Canada. Pointe Solitude property is situated only a five minute drive away.



By its geographical location, St-Jovite is a strategic key to the region.



St-Jovite is more than Mt -Tremblant's natural complement. It is a touristic destination that offers great shopping and boutiques in a superior environment. Each corner of this village has a unique view on nature.



Whatever the season, your choice of activities is complete in St-Jovite. Alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, hiking, just to name a few. Hotels, Inns, Motels, Condos, Restaurants, Brasseries, Bistros and Bars will offer you the vacation of your life!

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